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  1. A web site is a way to present yourself online
  2. How does a Web Site work
  3. Promote your ideas, hobbies, or beliefs
  4. To advertise your company or product
  5. Make loads of money really fast
  6. Provide customer services and support
  7. To keep your customer base informed
  8. Give or sell information
  9. Create an 'Extended Business Card' for your company
  10. Provide internal information and services for your company

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1. A web site is a way to present yourself online

Essentially, a Web site is a way to present yourself online. Your Web site is a place on the Internet where anyone in the world can visit whenever they want to find out more about you, ask you questions, give you feedback, or even buy your products.  Think of the Internet as the world's biggest trade show, and your Web site is your booth.

Six years ago having a Web site was a vanity.  In the year 2000 having a Web site was just trendy.  Today having a Web site is a necessity.

People are using the Web for everything from reing schoolwork to buying dinner. It's quick, it's convenient, and you never need to leave your desk. Even people who prefer to shop off-line are reing products on the Web. These days when people are trying to find you, the first place they look is on the Web - and if they don't find you, they will probably find someone else!

Before you start planning your new web you need to ask yourself if you really need a web site or do you just want one because you have been told that you have to have web site these days.

Or have you been told you need to get a web site quick before your competition does. This is probably the biggest blag when it comes to the Internet.

If you are own a Sandwich shop chances are you won't ever need a web site. How many people do you know look up a sandwich shop on the Internet. You wouldn't, you would just walk to the local shops and find one.


2. How does a Web site work?

A Web site is simply a collection of files that reside on a computer connected to the Internet. When someone visits your site, they are actually contacting that computer, and that computer (called a Web server) gives the visitor the files they want to see. It sounds very simple, but most normal computers don't have the power or the software needed to constantly respond to all the requests made by all the visitors to a site. And even if they did, they'd need an extremely fast connection to the Internet to keep up with all the requests. Most people and small companies don't have the resources to run a Web server, and that is where Web Hosting comes in.


3. Promote your ideas, hobbies, or beliefs

This is probably the biggest reason for setting up your own personal web site.

There are countless web sites on the Internet that people have created, not to make money, but to promote there ideas, hobbies, or beliefs.

In fact the Internet is an excellent way to do this and you can create a real community of people with the same ideas, hobbies, and beliefs as yourself. It's also great way to meet people.

Your Web site can be used for a large number of tasks such as:

  • Making public announcements
  • Providing support to your customers
  • Receiving feedback from your visitors
  • Sharing/distributing files and images
  • And, of course, selling your products

Those might not sound impressive, but don't forget that you'll be able to do those things for people around the world at any time of day or night. You have the potential to become a house-hold name 10,000 miles away.


4. To advertise your company or product

The Internet can be an excellent way to promote your company or a product, but it needs to be used along with traditional ways of advertising.

With so many web sites out there and 100's more being created everyday it becomes harder and harder to promote your site on the Internet.

The best way to promote your product is to use traditional advertising and let potential customers know they can find out more information through your web site.

Attract these potential customers into you web site by offering quizzes and prizes and give them information on your company or products while they are there. Forums and chat rooms can also help with this and allow your customers to discus your product while they are there.


5. Make Loads of Money Really Fast

Yeah right. If you want to make loads of money really fast then the Internet is probably not the place to do it.

Most of the large companies on the Internet such as Amazon don't make a penny from the Internet. In fact they are losing money hand over fist.

This is not to say you won't make any money from the Internet, as there are many people who do.

The main companies making money from the Internet are companies offering Internet services such as Web design companies, Web Hosting companies, ISP, etc.

Other companies making money on the Internet are mainly smaller companies that are bricks and mortar companies that make there main living through normal outlets such as shops, but also make some money each week from Internet sales.

The only other types of company making money through the Internet are small companies with low overheads offering unusual products or services that cannot be found locally. This still requires a lot of hard work, the right type of promotion, and allot of luck.


6. Provide Customer Services and Support

Having online Customers Services and Support can be a very good idea for any company that finds that they have phone calls from customers asking them about how to use a product or service.

Companies with Customer Support departments may find that they can save money by having online support.

Many of the questions asked by customers seeking support will be the same. Therefore it would take some of the strain off the support staff by placing the most frequently ask questions on a web site.

This isn't to say that you will be able to scrap your Customer Support Department altogether as many questions will not be answered through generic questions on a web site.


7. To Keep Your Customer Base Informed

A web site can be an excellent way to keep your customers or share holders informed about the company.

You can let them know about new products, or ventures the company is undertaking, and you can also use this as a way of getting customers to upgrade or by new products.


8. Give or Sell Information

Now this is what the Internet was created for and still used for mainly now, getting information on everything and anything.

However, if you want to sell information you need to ask yourselves some questions.

  • Is there a demand for the information?
  • Is it already available on the net for free?
  • Is it available at a local for free, in a library, etc?

If the answer is yes to any of these questions then you probably won't sell any or much to make it worthwhile.

The only information that does seem to sell well on the Internet is pornography. You only have to see how many of these sites you accidentally stumble across to realise how many there are out there.


9. Create an 'Extended Business Card' for your company

Now this is something that maybe worth considering even for those companies that would otherwise never need or want a web site.

This type of site is usually small and quite cheap with just one or two pages just giving a customer or business associate a little bit more information about your company than you can fit on your business card.


10. Provide Internal Information and Services for Your Company

This can be very useful for large companies or companies that are spread throughout the country or even the world.

This can be done either through an Intranet or a password protected area of your web site.

It would allow your employees to communicate faster and more effectively. Memos will be able to be sent to all parts or persons within the company at a push of a button.

Information such as the latest sales figures and targets can be made available to all employees no matter where they are.

In house online training programs can be run across the Intranet, and many other things as well.




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